AltSignals crystal ball: Unravelling wild price predictions in an era of AI-enabled trading

AltSignals crystal ball: Unravelling wild price predictions in an era of AI-enabled trading

AltSignals is a successful trading service that is highly rated by traders.
The platform seeks to embrace AI in signal generation, increasing the profitability of traders.
$ASI, the token powering AltSignals, could claim a 10x gain on the demand for trading signals.

Time has vindicated the future. If there is something that can be predicted with utmost accuracy, it is the increased use of AI. In the trading world, it is the current rather than the future. AI-enabled trading is taking over. No emotions, human errors and fuss. AltSignals ($ASI), a signal trading platform, is finding itself right at this mix. And so, predictions are rife that this is a token to supercharge investors’ earnings in 2024 and beyond.

The rise and rise of AltSignals and its promising future

AltSignals provides trading signals covering areas such as forex trading, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The signals are provided by an experienced team of traders who are out to transform lives.

A brief look into the platform shows it is a highly successful signal service. Created in 2017 by a team of UK traders, AltSignals has grown quickly to over 52,000 members on Telegram. The win rates are as high as 92%, cementing the signal service as one of the most attractive for investors.


AltSignals is transitioning to deliver even more accurate signals and cover more instruments. Initially, the platform generated signals using an algorithmic tool, AltAlgo™. The platform is iterating to an AI-powered platform called ActualizeAI. This is where AI fuses with crypto.

ActualizeAI will be a member-only platform where users own a crypto token to gain access to trading signals. As such, the AltSignals team issued its token, $ASI, to power the AI platform. The token will also offer valued benefits to the users. $ASI holders benefit from the increase in the price of the token.  They also utilise the quality trading signals generated by the AltSignals team.

As more investors join the AI trading service, the demand for $ASI will grow. This could see the token increase in value. More so, $ASI represents a crypto of the future as AI takes centre-stage and trading becomes automated.

AltSignals: The best trading signal services rated by traders

AltSignals is among the few trading signals that traders highly rate. On TrustPilot, the signal service has a top rating of 4.6/5 from 568 reviews. The rating is not by accident.

Besides providing quality signals, the trading signal service offers an in-depth analysis of various assets. This makes the platform popular among novice and experienced traders eager to learn or polish their trading.

Transparency is a highly sought-after alpha factor in signal services. AltSignals releases monthly results showing the trading performance. The team is also available to answer user questions. By upholding transparency, AltSignals backs its results with promise. Traders can verify the trading results, getting a guarantee for their money and time.

$AltSignals:  Is $ASI a 10x potential cryptocurrency?

Having defined what success means in forex trading, $ASI is out to make a statement – become a 10x holding. But how realistic is this potential?

Well, admittedly, few crypto tokens get a chance to rise by such margins. However, it is justifiable to say that projects backed by real-world use cases rise and surpass this margin. AltSignals belong to this category.

A presale success of last year underlined investors are eager to own a slice of the revolutionary platform. This is the clearest signal that AltSignals could be set for a strong surge.

AltSignals’ AI platform is still in the infant stage, and judging its success now is premature. However, altSignals is already a successful platform. Backed by history and a growing community of traders, AltSignals can only plan its failure. Consequently, its token $ASI could make bullish strides, surpassing the conservative 10x gain.

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