BlackRock Bitcoin ETF Gobbles Up Nearly 196,000 BTC, Outshining MicroStrategy


Bitcoin’s volatility takes center stage as the BlackRock iShares Bitcoin ETF (IBIT) outpaces MicroStrategy’s impressive holdings, marking a seismic shift in the cryptocurrency landscape.

MicroStrategy Trails As BlackRock Leads The Charge

BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin ETF (IBIT) has swiftly overtaken MicroStrategy in the race for Bitcoin supremacy. In just under two months, IBIT has amassed a staggering 195,985 bitcoins, stealing the thunder from MicroStrategy’s 193,000 bitcoin stronghold.

MicroStrategy, led by the fervent bitcoin advocate CEO Michael Saylor, had been a frontrunner in accumulating the digital currency since August 2020, showcasing a bullish stance. However, BlackRock’s IBIT, launched on January 11, has emerged as a formidable player, consistently injecting hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin into its coffers on a daily basis.

BlackRock’s IBIT Emerges As A Bitcoin Titan

What makes BlackRock’s feat particularly noteworthy is the breakneck pace at which IBIT has garnered this colossal amount of bitcoin. Tallying up to $13.5 billion, the fund has positioned itself at the forefront of the new wave of spot products, overshadowing even the renowned MicroStrategy.


Bitcoin market cap currently at $1.4 trillion. Chart:

This sudden ascendancy sheds light on the surging demand for these novel funds, reshaping the cryptocurrency landscape. As Bitcoin’s price soared above $70,000 for the first time in history, reaching a record high of $70,136, the spotlight is undeniably on BlackRock’s ETF and its influence on the market dynamics.

Bitcoin Boom: ETFs Steer The Ship

In the midst of this Bitcoin boom, the demand for spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has been the linchpin behind the currency’s astounding 60% surge this year. BlackRock’s IBIT, a major catalyst in this surge, has become a dominant force in the market, shaping the trajectory of Bitcoin prices.

Meanwhile, MicroStrategy’s stock, often mirroring the movements of a Bitcoin ETF, witnessed a staggering 300% surge in 2023, outpacing tech giants like Nvidia and Meta. With plans to raise $700 million through the sale of convertible senior notes to fund more Bitcoin purchases, MicroStrategy remains a formidable contender in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

Bitcoin Price Soars, Market Cap Hits New Heights

As Bitcoin prices reached a record high of over $71,000 on Monday, the cryptocurrency’s market capitalization surged to an unprecedented $1.40 trillion. In the year 2024 alone, Bitcoin prices have witnessed a remarkable 67% rally, spurred by the influx of cash into new spot Bitcoin ETFs.

Bitcoin hits new ATH today. Source: Coingecko

The interplay of various factors, including institutional adoption, macroeconomic trends, regulatory developments, and investor sentiment, continues to shape Bitcoin’s volatile dance in the global financial arena. The recent affirmation by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell regarding an anticipated interest rate cut later this year further adds an element of anticipation and speculation to Bitcoin’s future trajectory.

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