Here Are Raoul Pal’s 9 Important Pieces of Financial Advice

Raoul Pal Gives 9 Important Pieces of Financial Advice

Raoul Pal, an esteemed name in the financial markets, attempts to bring clarity to crypto enthusiasts with nine pivotal pieces of financial advice. His insights resonate with novice and experienced investors.

He aims to offer a strategic blueprint for managing risk, optimizing investment portfolios, and achieving long-term success in the cryptocurrency market.

Raoul Pal’s Financial Advice

Firstly, Pal emphasized the importance of avoiding leverage when trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. This approach minimizes risk and prevents the amplification of losses. This is a key factor in maintaining a healthy cryptocurrency portfolio.

Secondly, he advised against succumbing to the fear of missing out (FOMO). In a market where new investment opportunities are constantly emerging in the form of new narratives, altcoins, airdrops, and ICOs, this principle can help maintain focus and discipline. Pal encouraged investors to resist the urge to jump on every trending investment, instead advising a more thoughtful, research-backed approach.


His third piece of advice centers on portfolio concentration. He proposed investing in a limited range of assets, suggesting a focus on the top three to five cryptocurrencies. This strategy allows investors to better manage their portfolios and understand their chosen investments.

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Likewise, trading only a small portion of one’s portfolio, less than 10%, in high-risk, high-reward ventures – referred to as a “degen bag” – is his fourth tip. This allows investors to explore potentially lucrative opportunities while safeguarding their assets.

“You can basically capture most of the returns just by being in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. And if you need to feed your inner degen put 80% in stuff like that and 20% or 10% in the stuff you want to punt, so you can feed your inner degen, but you don’t screw up the whole trade,” Pal explained.

Secure Long-Term Investment

The fifth point underscores the significance of self-custody or using multi-signature wallets with “good hygiene.” This practice ensures the safety and security of cryptocurrencies. This is an increasingly important consideration given the rising number of hacks and exploits.

Pal’s sixth piece of advice is to adopt a long-term horizon for holding investments. He encouraged investors to HODL, practice patience, and focus on long-term gains to mitigate the impact of short-term market fluctuations. Additionally, he suggested investors “zoom out and remove the noise,” advocating for a broad perspective that overlooks short-term market movements and media hype.

The eighth point is to expect and be prepared for frequent pullbacks in the market, around 35%. This mindset helps investors stay resilient and composed during market downturns and do not panic sell. Lastly, Pal advises to “buy the dip if you can,” an age-old strategy of purchasing assets when their prices have fallen, offering the potential for significant gains when the market recovers.

Bitcoin Price Performance. Source: TradingView

Raoul Pal’s advice encapsulates a balanced approach to investing: risk-aware, disciplined, and patient. His guidance aims to help navigate the cryptocurrency markets, emphasizing the importance of a well-thought-out strategy in achieving investment success.


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